Sign the Energy Freedom Compact

The Energy Freedom Compact is a statement of principles regarding energy choice, competition, land use, ratepayer rights and more! Join us in building a coalition of leaders to represent free-market competition in the energy market and protect ratepayers from unfair practices. 

The connection between the American people and electricity has changed over the course of history and is now central to nearly every facet of our lives. Although this country has developed no shortage of ingenious ways to use electricity, the model by which power is generated, transmitted, distributed, and billed has seen little change. Other industries have experienced massive growth, innovation, and lower prices by unleashing free markets in today’s information age. The technology and tools are there for Americans to experience the same benefits when it comes to electric utilities. 

I believe that an approach that leverages free markets, promotes limited government, protects state and local sovereignty, encourages national security, and empowers individual consumers is essential for our state and country to experience these benefits as we transition into a clean energy future. 

Accordingly, I pledge to support energy freedom for the people of America by promoting the following principles

Low Cost

I believe that customers should have access to the most affordable electricity possible.

Customer Choice

I believe that customers should have a choice when it comes to the source of generated power, which company delivers electricity to them, and who they deal with on a daily basis.


I believe that customers should be able to expect electric services delivered with nearly 100 percent reliability.


I believe that government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers. Instead, the generation, delivery, and price of electricity should be determined by competition in freely functioning markets.


I believe that too often, electric utilities have abused their monopoly powers and should be required to be fully transparent so customers can know exactly what they are paying for and why. 

Property Rights 

I believe that customers and their communities should benefit from the millions of jobs and billions of dollars in investment from a growing clean energy economy. 

National Security

I believe that investing in American energy resources with an ‘all of the above’ approach will limit U.S. exposure to the market uncertainty of energy geopolitics and save countless military lives.

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