Abandoning Competitive Markets is Throwing the Baby Out With the Very Cold Bathwater


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By Matt Welch The February winter storm shocked Texans to the core. For days, the energy capital of the United States shivered silently in the dark while snow covered the streets, the world shut down, and the human and economic costs soared. Only a fool would continue forward without recognizing that something needs to change so that […]

Welfare for Texas Electricity Generators Is Not a Viable Solution


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By Matt Welch and Landon Stevens The blackouts in the ERCOT region this past February were a tragedy on multiple levels and should never happen again.  The Texas Legislature passed several laws intended to improve reliability of the ERCOT electric grid, and the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) has been working quickly to implement […]

Statewide Texas Poll Shows Strong Support Across Party Lines for Free Market Energy Solutions and Increased Competition


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Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI) today released its second annual statewide poll that demonstrates Texas voters’ strong support of public policies that encourage responsible clean energy solutions rooted in private sector innovation, entrepreneurship, and free market growth—as opposed to government interventions.

Commentary: Here comes the Texas sun


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A new Texas energy source is figuratively (and literally) just over the horizon.

We are all too familiar with the hot Texas sun that can easily fry an egg on the sidewalk and sends us running into air conditioning. But that heat is energy, and with it comes the ability to generate the same electricity needed to drive those air conditioners we rely on to stay sane. And Texas sure has a lot of heat.

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