Just How High are South Carolina’s Electricity Bills?


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Originally Posted August 3rd via the Palmetto Promise Institute Download the full report: Assessing the Spectrum of Reform: How Collaboration & Competition in South Carolina Could Help Lower Some of America’s Highest Electricity Bills  Earlier this year (July 20), the Palmetto State learned the devastating news. In a major industrial announcement, Nippon Denkai said that it was […]

Big Opportunity in Texas for CO2 Capture


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The Texas legislature is considering HB1284 and SB450, a set of bills that will empower the state to begin approving permits for the use of Class VI wells for carbon capture and storage. Class VI wells are those designed to inject CO2 deep into the earth for long-term storage. Currently, these approvals are handled by […]

Editorial: Solar’s Future Should be Brighter


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Now, however, as stated in Conservatives for Clean Energy’s platform: “Saving energy and taxpayer resources aligns perfectly with the goals of fiscal conservatism. Conservatives can and should lead on energy efficiency, as it matches our core values.” Now that the cost of solar panels is dropping, solar energy can now compete head-to-head more successfully with more traditional energy sources.

Issues Of The Environment: Pushing For “Energy Freedom” In The Michigan Legislature


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A series of “energy freedom” bills, which would allow customers to diversify energy generation and usage is before the Michigan Legislature.  For this week’s “Issues of the Environment,” WEMU’s David Fair talks with Ed Rivet, executive director of the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum, about a new strategy to move the measures forward. 

Commentary: Here comes the Texas sun


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A new Texas energy source is figuratively (and literally) just over the horizon.

We are all too familiar with the hot Texas sun that can easily fry an egg on the sidewalk and sends us running into air conditioning. But that heat is energy, and with it comes the ability to generate the same electricity needed to drive those air conditioners we rely on to stay sane. And Texas sure has a lot of heat.

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