Nuclear Energy Primer


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As the energy market shifts, many overlook the potential of nuclear energy to meet the need for clean and affordable energy solutions in the future. In fact, nuclear energy remains the greatest clean power contributor in the United States, producing 800 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year. Nuclear energy can fill the intermittency gaps […]

NEW POLL ALERT: Americans Support Smart Infrastructure Investment


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By now you have probably heard that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF)—also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act—was passed into law. The bipartisan legislation, which earned the support of 19 Republican members in the Senate and 13 Republican members in the House, promotes a cleaner energy future by cutting red tape and providing […]

Commentary: For Hard-Hit Renewable Sector, Conversations in Congress show an Encouraging Trend


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It is encouraging to see conservatives leading discussions on these proposed plans, but we must act now to help revitalize and modernize America’s aging infrastructure and energy grids. Together, these proposed stimulus plans can help businesses turn the lights back on and get the country back to work for a brighter economic and energy future.

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