CEN Applauds State Proclamations Recognizing September 25-29, 2023 as Clean Energy Week


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECEN CONTACT: Joanna Lewis, jlewis@conservativeenergynetwork.org September 25, 2023 – LANSING, Mich. – The Conservative Energy Network (CEN) applauds the 34 governors who have signed proclamations recognizing September 25-29, 2023 as Clean Energy Week in their states. The proclamations were issued in cooperation with National Clean Energy Week (NCEW), an annual initiative, founded by […]

Ensuring Energy Reliability in the Transition to Clean Energy | Part 2


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Read Part 1 Energy reliability is a pivotal factor in maintaining the essential functions of our society. Recent events shed light on the susceptibility of isolated energy systems. The lack of grid interconnection parallels the reliability challenges faced by energy models like Community Choice Aggregators and reveals the necessity of bolstering interconnection to ensure energy […]

The Promise of Energy Battery Storage


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Battery storage has long been hyped as the “silver bullet” that will make a 100% clean energy future possible. Energy storage helps balance fluctuations in electricity supply by storing electricity during periods of relatively high production and low demand to release back to the electric power grid during periods of lower production or higher demand. […]

Nuclear Energy Primer


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As the energy market shifts, many overlook the potential of nuclear energy to meet the need for clean and affordable energy solutions in the future. In fact, nuclear energy remains the greatest clean power contributor in the United States, producing 800 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year. Nuclear energy can fill the intermittency gaps […]

Policy Primer: Geothermal Energy


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Over the past two decades, polarized climate policy has taken the main stage in almost every energy policy discussion, contributing to the current hyperpartisan political atmosphere and stunted reasoned debate and policy development. Technological advancements, however, have transformed the emerging renewable energy market with countless resources offering cost-effective alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. Geothermal energy […]

The Truth on Energy Infrastructure: Regulatory Reform as Important as Cash


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Last week President Biden unveiled his hefty new infrastructure proposal labeled the “American Jobs Plan” with a price tag of over $2.2 trillion dollars. The usual suspects found in any infrastructure bill are there: roads, bridges, ports, and transit systems. Beyond those, the President also aims to tackle drinking water, broadband, and supply chains. At […]

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