Protecting Consumers by Increasing Competition


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What is this?

Earlier today, the Conservative Energy Network joined the Energy Choice CoalitionHeritage Action for AmericaConservative Coalition for Climate Solutions, and R-Street Institute, among others, in signing onto a letter urging congressional leaders to “undertake a detailed and objective study of the cost of electricity in the United States.” 

This independent study would examine whether the current electricity market structure is providing the cheapest, most reliable energy to America’s families and businesses. You can read more on here.

Why is it important?

Free market competition benefits consumers. As America becomes a more electrified nation, it is vital that access to electricity be both cheap and reliable. There has not been a comprehensive study on the impacts of Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) on consumers in over a decade.

As the transition to a cleaner, more electrified economy occurs, CEN works to encourage the development of a system that leverages free markets over government mandates. An efficient, market-based approach will lead to the cheapest and most reliable outcomes for consumers.

Polling by CEN has consistently found that over 85 percent of voters support allowing for more electric utility competition.  

Note this quote:

“Americans deserve energy freedom. American families and businesses should be able to expect nearly 100 percent electricity reliability. The generation, delivery, and price of electricity should be determined by a competitive, freely functioning market. That’s exactly what the steps outlined in this letter will aim to achieve.” – Mark Pischea, President & CEO, Conservative Energy Network