Justin Poland

Justin Poland

Kentucky Land & Liberty Coalition Field Director

Justin Poland is a lifetime resident of Kentucky and a graduate of Western Kentucky University. There he studied political science and criminology.

Previously, Justin was a grassroots engagement director for Americans for Prosperity. During his tenure he became one of the premier grassroots organizers for the state. He worked on the first successful local right-to-work campaign and helped move the state forward on issues like tax reform, education reform, regulation reform, and criminal justice reform. He has led many issue advocacy campaigns across the state and had great success.

In 2014, he interned with the Republican Party of Kentucky and spent much of his time focusing on the re-election of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Justin is a fan of all things Kentucky. Whether it’s bourbon, horses, or the beautiful landscapes. He greatly enjoys campaigns and can’t wait to get involved to help make yours a winning one.