Land & Liberty Coalition Launches in Virginia


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Virginia grassroots organization joins national coalition to empower local clean energy supporters

Richmond, VA. (Aug 11, 2021) — On Monday, the Land & Liberty Coalition (L&LC), a project of Conservatives for Clean Energy – Virginia (CCE-VA), announced the launch of a Virginia chapter of the Land & Liberty Coalition. L&LC is a national grassroots organization that partners with local citizens, landowners, clean energy advocates, and policymakers to promote commonsense policies that advance clean energy while protecting and benefiting local communities. L&LC empowers individuals and communities to take control of their energy future by providing objective, relevant information and helping citizens organize as effective advocates.

“Thanks to the tremendous work done by CCE-VA in Richmond, it is clear that there is a lot of support for clean energy development across the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Jackson Keith, Land & Liberty Coalition Director. “Utility-scale renewable developments are becoming increasingly common across the commonwealth, and Virginians are experiencing new opportunities for economic development, local job growth and security, and additional tax revenues for schools, roads, and emergency services – like police and fire. The Land & Liberty Coalition wants to help even more Virginia communities access those same benefits.”

In 2018, the Conservative Energy Network recognized the need to activate conservative grassroots support for clean energy development and launched the Land & Liberty Coalition in Michigan with a mission to support rural residents as they navigate the siting processes of utility-scale renewable energy projects. By establishing a chapter in Virginia, L&LC seeks to build on their past successes and expand their work to inform and empower landowners and communities across the country.

“In partnering with CCE-VA, we hope to protect private property rights, allowing landowners to decide what’s best for their families. Clean energy development is already a part of the rural Virginia landscape, and I am excited to see Virginia communities powering Virginia families by harnessing solar energy,” said Skyler Zunk, Field Operations Director for the Virginia L&LC program. “It’s important that the folks who live and work in rural communities get a say when their local governments start making decisions that affect land use. We are here to make sure their voices are heard.”