CRES and Conservative Energy Network Hold 60+ Lawmaker Meetings to Advocate for Clean Energy and Environment



WASHINGTON, May 10, 2022 – Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) and the Conservative Energy Network (CEN) announced that beginning today, more than three dozen business leaders, farmers, state officials, and others from across the country will participate in a three-day series of more than 60 meetings with Republican leaders in U.S. Congress to advocate for greater investment in clean energy.

The annual “fly-in”—held virtually again this year—will stress to conservative policymakers four legislative areas that offer affordable, rational and reliable solutions to forge a clean energy future, improve our climate, spur economic activity and create U.S. jobs: America’s critical minerals supply, hydrogen innovation, sustainable farming and advanced nuclear energy. 

“A Republican vision for the expansion of clean energy means reducing energy prices, generating more energy choices, creating jobs, exporting American innovation, lowering emissions and creating a booming economy,” said Heather Reams, President of CRES. “Conservatives understand the important role clean energy holds in our economy, national security, infrastructure and as part of an all-of-the-above energy mix that prioritizes reducing emissions while keeping government mandates limited. When it comes to energy innovation, America leads the pack internationally. Our country is home to the world’s most novel creators who develop world-class technology to advance clean energy innovation to address climate concerns. This level of extraordinary talentmust be championed by our legislators. This is the message that will be communicated to lawmakers this week.”

“In the face of rising prices and geopolitical strife, conservatives recognize that an all-of-the-above energy strategy that centers American-made technologies, innovation, and clean energy resources is critical to our nation’s security,” said Brittany Zwierzchowski Tisler, Acting CEO of CEN. “There is widespread support for a market-based transition to a cleaner, more efficient energy future; CEN polling consistently shows that voters across the political spectrum prefer market-based solutions over government regulations to address our energy and climate challenges. CEN believes a clean energy future will ultimately grow the economy, inspire innovation, and protect our national and grid security. That is why we are bringing together state and local leaders from across the country to educate members of Congress on the importance of conservative clean energy and climate policy solutions. We look forward to a great week of positive and productive educational meetings.”

This is the fourth annual fly-in co-hosted by CRES and CEN. States represented in this year’s fly-in include Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Within the four legislative issue areas that fly-in teams will be focused, particular attention will be paid to:

  1. Promoting domestic critical mineral production, processing, and improved permitting.
    • American Critical Mineral Independence Act (H.R.2637)
    • Accessing America’s Critical Minerals Act (H.R.2604)
  2. Encouraging development and deployment of hydrogen use to further reduce harmful emissions.
  3. Hydrogen for Industry Act (S.3112)
  4. Hydrogen for Trucks Act (S.3806/H.R.7064)
  5. Hydrogen for Ports Act (S.3111/H.R.7065)
  6. Hydrogen Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (HIFIA) (S.3118)
  7. Reducing barriers to the deployment of advanced nuclear energy.
  8. American Nuclear Infrastructure Act (S.2373)
    • Advanced Nuclear Deployment Act (H.R.1746)
  9. Promoting natural climate solutions that will empower sustainable farming and ranching practices that can drive potential new revenue streams for landowners.
    • Growing Climate Solutions Act (H.R.2820)

Recent CRES polling found 76% of voters—including 60% of Republicans and 73% of Independents—support the federal government taking action to accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy.