Conservative Energy Network Unveils Build America Initiative


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April 14, 2021 – LANSING, Mich. – Today, the Conservative Energy Network (CEN), a coalition of 21 state-based conservative clean energy organizations, unveiled its Build America Initiative which seeks to celebrate historical conservative leadership on infrastructure investment. By highlighting the achievements of former U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, the initiative calls on conservatives to support sensible infrastructure reform that will continue the tradition of American dominance in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.

There are gaping holes in the United States’ electric grid infrastructure that need to be addressed in order to increase resiliency and keep America’s lights on. Following the grid crisis caused by Winter Storm Uri in Texas, congressional leaders recognized the need for infrastructure reform. However, CEN seeks to educate policymakers and the public about solutions that prioritize free-market innovation and increased competition. Conservatives are ready to Build America Better, Stronger, and Safer.

“After ridiculing conservatives who supported President Trump’s calls for infrastructure reform, liberal policymakers are now promoting a $2 trillion infrastructure wish list that is designed to move America toward another era of Big Government mandates,” said Mark Pischea, CEN president & CEO. “CEN believes a better approach is to focus on smart investments that will create jobs and provide the American taxpayer a significant return.”

CEN believes that infrastructure reform should be centered on the creation of more secure, resilient and efficient systems. Modernizing America’s infrastructure will, by its very nature, create a cleaner future without Big Government-imposed mandates like the Green New Deal.

“Smart, innovation-led investments in America’s infrastructure would create over 300,000 shovel-ready construction jobs to be filled by American workers,” said Landon Stevens, CEN director of policy and advocacy. “By prioritizing the demands of the free market, American taxpayers could reap an annual savings of at least $5 billion.”

CEN and its 21 state-based affiliates look forward to being at the forefront of this policy conversation in the coming months. For more information on the Build America Initiative please visit