Conservative Energy Network Statement on West Virginia v. the Environmental Protection Agency


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LANSING, MI – The following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia vs. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can be attributed to Tyler Duvelius, director of external affairs for the Conservative Energy Network (CEN).

“While today’s Supreme Court decision will restrict the power of the EPA to regulate power plant emissions, it does not halt the pursuit of a cleaner energy future. Furthermore, it does not limit state or federal policymakers from passing legislation designed to reduce carbon emissions.

CEN believes that climate changes, principles don’t. At the end of the day conservative leaders in states across the country—not federal regulators—must be the ones driving the conversations determining the best solutions to reducing emissions. A cleaner, American-led future will be attained by reducing regulation, encouraging competition and innovation, and championing free-market solutions. CEN looks forward to continuing our work across our 21-state network to forge a clean energy future that is rooted in those conservative principles.”

CEN polling has found that 82% of voters nationwide support the government taking steps to reduce emissions.