Conservative Energy Network Statement on Passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act


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A bipartisan first step toward comprehensive permitting reform

Contact: Joanna Lewis,

June 2, 2023 — LANSING, Mich. — John Szoka, CEO of the Conservative Energy Network (CEN), issued the following statement after final passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act (H.R. 3746):

“The passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act demonstrates that Republicans and Democrats can work together to address our nation’s most pressing needs. We are encouraged that such an important piece of legislation included the streamlining of environmental review processes for vital infrastructure projects. This represents a bipartisan first step toward a more comprehensive permitting reform package.”

CEN believes permitting reform is needed to modernize America’s energy and grid infrastructure so that it is more secure, resilient, and reliable than ever. Inaction on further permitting reform will allow stress on the electric grid to grow, leading to an increased frequency of blackouts. 

CEN looks forward to working with Speaker McCarthy and other conservative leaders who have publicly committed to advancing a larger permitting package that addresses transmission infrastructure, streamlines government regulations, and secures American energy independence. This can and should be done in a bipartisan manner that respects regular order in the United States Congress.

National survey results from CEN, released immediately after the 2022 Midterm elections, found that 80% of American voters support cutting regulations and red tape that slow the development of clean energy resources. Four out of five voters also expressed support for the government taking action to accelerate the development of clean energy in the United States. Full poll results can be viewed at