CEN to Fox Business: US Energy Dependence Threatens National Security


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A Deeper Dive:

  1. The world is seeing the geopolitical importance of energy policy play out in real time and, unfortunately, with devastating consequences.
  2. The exportation of Russian oil and natural gas is funding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The U.S. must edge Russia out of the global energy market by taking the lead in global energy exports.
  3. True energy independence will secure our economy and strengthen America’s leadership in foreign policy matters. Clean energy will help us reach that independence. 
  4. Energy security is national security. We must use every available source of American energy to increase energy exportation and achieve greater energy security.
  5. We need to be focused on increasing made-in-America energy production by adding new forms of clean energy to our existing portfolio. Investing in American energy innovation will limit U.S. exposure to the market uncertainty of energy geopolitics and save lives by preventing future wars.

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