CEN and Land & Liberty Coalition® Support MISO Approval of New Transmission Lines


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The move marks a needed and positive step forward, but additional action is still needed

LANSING, MI – The Conservative Energy Network (CEN) and the Land & Liberty Coalition® (L&LC) applaud the decision of MISO Board of Directors to advance the construction of transmission lines in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Missouri. This move is a major opportunity to support new energy projects set to come online across the region. The proposal could support up to 53 Gigawatts of wind, solar, and battery projects.

“With clean energy being sited at an increasing rate across MISO territory, it is very encouraging to see the approval of additional transmission lines to ensure the electrons being generated by clean energy projects ultimately reach the end user,” said Jackson Keith, L&LC director. “This decision will allow landowners and rural communities across this region to further experience the economic benefits of clean energy development.”

“Today’s decision by the MISO Board of Directors is an important first step in ensuring grid reliability that will allow the continued diversification of the American energy portfolio,” added Tyler Duvelius, CEN director of external affairs. “As CEN works across the country to forge a clean energy future rooted in conservative principles, we hope that MISO will continue to take action to extend the benefits of new transmission lines across their entire region.”

Polling by CEN has consistently found that 85% of voters across the country support accelerating the development of America’s clean energy infrastructure. Increasing transmission capacity will help support made-in-America clean energy development that will create jobs, act as a buffer against wildly fluctuating energy costs, and provide long-term savings for consumers. CEN and L&LC look forward to working with state and local stakeholders as additional transmission projects are approved.