Celebrating National Clean Energy Week


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What if I told you that more Republicans in the United States Senate recently voted for a pro-clean energy bill than Democrats? At best, you would probably think that I was tragically misinformed – but last June more Republicans voted for the Growing Climate Solutions Act than Democrats. The fact is, more conservatives are embracing clean energy than ever before. 

This week is National Clean Energy Week (NCEW) – an annual celebration of the policies, industries, and innovations that power our daily lives while producing no or very little carbon emissions. Whether it’s the aforementioned passage of the Growing Climate Solutions Act, conservatives stepping up to help pass a sensible bipartisan infrastructure bill, or House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy establishing the House Energy Innovation Agenda, there’s plenty for conservatives to celebrate on the clean energy front this year.

This year, the start of NCEW coincides with Conservative Energy Network’s (CEN) fifth anniversary. Founded in 2016, CEN is a nonprofit coalition of 21 state-based conservative clean energy organizations focused on advancing policy solutions that emphasize market competition, consumer choice, and innovation. As the free market transitions to a cleaner future, CEN works to encourage the development of market-based systems that choose capitalism over big-government mandates. Put simply, CEN believes a free market approach will lead to the most effective and efficient outcomes for both the consumer and the economy. The results of this approach will, naturally, lead to lower emissions.

Since the inception of CEN, our state teams have worked hard to change the narrative around conservative support of clean energy. CEN state teams have been instrumental in crafting major pieces of energy policy, like the Energy Freedom Act in South Carolina. They’ve served as subject matter experts during times of crisis, like during Winter Storm Uri or the Colonial Pipeline hack. Our teams show up consistently, going to county fairs, community dinners, and college campuses to build support for renewable energy. While those on the left are all talk when it comes to crafting clean energy policy, conservatives are advancing commonsense clean energy policies at all levels of government in large part due to the work being done by CEN state teams across the country.

National Clean Energy Week brings together business leaders, advocates, policymakers, and trade associations from all perspectives who are dedicated to advancing clean energy. CEN and our state teams are proud to join scores of other participating organizations to mark this year’s National Clean Energy Week. Our state teams are celebrating this week by working with state policymakers and governors to secure proclamations, host community events, and amplify conservative clean energy voices in their states. The work done at the local and state levels is reverberating around the country and the national narrative is changing – conservatives are leading clean energy policy.

We want you to get involved in this growing movement. If you agree with us that an approach which leverages the free market, promotes limited government, protects state and local sovereignty, encourages national security, and empowers individual consumers is essential as we transition to a clean energy future, then I encourage you to sign our Energy Freedom Compact. We need more Energy Patriots like yourself. You can sign the Energy Freedom Compact here.

We know that conservative policies will make America’s clean energy transition more effective, efficient, and sustainable than the tax and spend, Green New Deal-like policies from the Left. National Clean Energy Week is only a weeklong spotlight on clean energy but CEN’s focus on advancing free market based clean energy policies is a yearlong endeavor. I encourage you to take time to learn more about CEN by browsing our newly revamped website (it shouldn’t be hard – you’re already here!). And make sure you contact us so that we can connect you with the CEN team in your state. Happy National Clean Energy Week! #CleanisRight