Using Community Solar to Protect Energy Freedom


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By John Szoka, Originally published in Real Clear Energy on September 19 Whether it’s record heat advisories across the Midwest, threat of blackouts in Texas, or unprecedented tornadoes and tropical storms, consumers’ ability to rely on their respective state grids has been seriously tested. And has often failed in recent months. Thankfully, solutions are already cropping up across the country. More states […]

Conservatives Launch New Nationwide Coalition Supporting Community Solar


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The Community Solar Freedom Coalition is committed to advancing the free market growth of community solar. CONTACT: Tyler Duvelius –  August 1, 2023 — LANSING, Mich. — Earlier today, conservative clean energy supporters announced the launch of the Community Solar Freedom Coalition (CSFC). This new effort, led by the Conservative Energy Network (CEN), is […]

Arizona Community Solar Program Would Deliver Billions in Positive Economic Impact, ASU Report Projects


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CONTACT: Landon Stevens – November 7, 2022 – LANSING, Mich. – Arizona State University’s (ASU) L. William Seidman Research Institute published a study Friday estimating various economic and fiscal impact scenarios for the potential rollout of a community solar program in Arizona. The study, supported by the Conservative Energy Network, suggests that creating a […]

Community Solar Offers Customer Choice, Competition, and Bill Savings


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Americans are rethinking the standard monopoly utility model in electricity markets across the country, opting more frequently into community solar programs. These programs allow customers to participate in generating solar power who may not want, or be able, to install solar panels on their homes or businesses. Instead, they can subscribe to purchase blocks of […]

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