CEN Statement on United States Ban of Russian Oil


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CEN CONTACT: Tyler Duvelius – tduvelius@conservativeenergynetwork.org  

The following statement can be attributed to Tyler Duvelius, director of external affairs, Conservative Energy Network:

“CEN believes energy security is national security. That is why, in response to Russian aggression, we support President Biden’s decision to ban Russian oil and gas imports—following nearly a week of calls by senior Congressional leaders from both parties to do so. This action will further sanction Russia for their unprovoked aggression in Ukraine. Unfortunately, because American energy independence and security has not been properly prioritized, this move will result in a spike in energy prices here at home. 

To combat this surge in prices, we should not look for energy sources from other dictatorial regimes—like Venezuela—but rather re-focus our attention on producing cleaner, American-made energy. By growing and diversifying our energy portfolio, America will be better insulated from the wild swings of a global energy market. American energy independence undermines tyrants like Vladimir Putin and is a geopolitical weapon that can be utilized to spread freedom and capitalism around the globe.”

For more information from CEN on this developing story please visit https://conservativeenergynetwork.org/energy-policy-russia/.