The Promise of Energy Battery Storage



Battery storage has long been hyped as the “silver bullet” that will make a 100% clean energy future possible. Energy storage helps balance fluctuations in electricity supply by storing electricity during periods of relatively high production and low demand to release back to the electric power grid during periods of lower production or higher demand. […]

American Energy Independence is Putin’s Nightmare


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By: Tyler M. Duvelius, Director of External Affairs In March of 2018, the news media was consumed by the idea that Russia had interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Amid the media frenzy, many Americans were learning for the first time about the capabilities of foreign adversaries to influence political discourse in our country through nefarious cyber […]

CEN to Fox Business: US Energy Dependence Threatens National Security


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Read the full article here. A Deeper Dive: The world is seeing the geopolitical importance of energy policy play out in real time and, unfortunately, with devastating consequences. The exportation of Russian oil and natural gas is funding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The U.S. must edge Russia out of the global energy market by taking […]

NEW POLL ALERT: Americans Support Smart Infrastructure Investment


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By now you have probably heard that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF)—also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act—was passed into law. The bipartisan legislation, which earned the support of 19 Republican members in the Senate and 13 Republican members in the House, promotes a cleaner energy future by cutting red tape and providing […]

Celebrating National Clean Energy Week


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What if I told you that more Republicans in the United States Senate recently voted for a pro-clean energy bill than Democrats? At best, you would probably think that I was tragically misinformed – but last June more Republicans voted for the Growing Climate Solutions Act than Democrats. The fact is, more conservatives are embracing […]

Protecting Consumers by Increasing Competition


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What is this? Earlier today, the Conservative Energy Network joined the Energy Choice Coalition, Heritage Action for America, Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions, and R-Street Institute, among others, in signing onto a letter urging congressional leaders to “undertake a detailed and objective study of the cost of electricity in the United States.”  This independent study would examine whether the current electricity […]

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