What is in the Inflation Reduction Act, and how will we pay for it? 


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Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 14, otherwise known as “the Inflation Reduction Act,” – the latest iteration of what was once known as “Build Back Better.” The House is expected to pass the bill later this week, approving $369 billion in funding for clean energy projects, pollution controls, tax breaks […]

As Russia Attacks Ukraine, U.S. Energy Policy Takes Center Stage


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Last week, Russia invaded Ukraine, triggering a war that is destined to have a widespread effect on the whole world. While pundits in the media focus primarily on the impacts to the stock market, supply chains, and inflation, there should also be real concern about what this means for energy policy in the U.S. In […]

Bipartisan Infrastructure Package Stalls in House, Jeopardizes Step Toward a Cleaner Future


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Earlier this month the U.S. Senate passed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package. The package included a host of priorities ranging from traditional infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and transportation projects to forward looking innovations in areas like broadband deployment and cyber security.  Notably, the infrastructure package calls for the largest single investment in clean […]

Community Solar Offers Customer Choice, Competition, and Bill Savings


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Americans are rethinking the standard monopoly utility model in electricity markets across the country, opting more frequently into community solar programs. These programs allow customers to participate in generating solar power who may not want, or be able, to install solar panels on their homes or businesses. Instead, they can subscribe to purchase blocks of […]

The Truth on Energy Infrastructure: Regulatory Reform as Important as Cash


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Last week President Biden unveiled his hefty new infrastructure proposal labeled the “American Jobs Plan” with a price tag of over $2.2 trillion dollars. The usual suspects found in any infrastructure bill are there: roads, bridges, ports, and transit systems. Beyond those, the President also aims to tackle drinking water, broadband, and supply chains. At […]

Big Opportunity in Texas for CO2 Capture


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The Texas legislature is considering HB1284 and SB450, a set of bills that will empower the state to begin approving permits for the use of Class VI wells for carbon capture and storage. Class VI wells are those designed to inject CO2 deep into the earth for long-term storage. Currently, these approvals are handled by […]

Including Grid Investments in Future Infrastructure Plans


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By Landon Stevens If the devastating impacts of winter storm Uri in Texas last month showed us anything, it is that there are gaping holes in grid infrastructure that need to be addressed to increase resiliency and keep the lights on in any condition. In Washington, President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package just made its […]

What ‘All of the Above’ Really Means


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By Landon Stevens Last month dozens of people died and millions were left in the dark as historic winter storm Uri hit Texas and the Southern United States. Immediately upon hearing of blackouts sweeping across large swaths of Texas, vocal proponents on both sides of the all-too-politicized energy debate took to social media to point […]

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